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TP-82 Truck TPMS with Internal Sensors
TPMS designed for truck and commercial vehicles, designed to go up to 22 wheels. Please enquire for product availability and price.

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AUD 799.00
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Designed for truck

TPMS for commercial vehicles with data communication

Note: Inquire for purchase and price. Price and sales depending on sensor requirements and availability.

Key features

  • TPMS for commercial vehicles
  • Suitable for 12~24V vehicles
  • Match with 4~22 tires
  • Display installed on dashboard/windshield or portable
  • Display with rechargeable battery
  • Internal Sensor
  • Built-in programmer
  • Visual and audible warning for abnormal tire pressure
  • Real time monitoring tire pressure and temperature
  • Self-test function
  • Data communication (RS-485 serial port)
  • Display pressure in Psi, Bar or Kgf/cm²

Technical parameters

  • Sensor
    Operating frequency: 433.92MHz
    Operating voltage: 2.2~3.6V
    Operating temperature: -40℃~+125℃/-40℉~+257℉
    Humidity: 0%~100%
    Pressure range: 0~14.0 Bar
    Temperature range: -40℃~+98℃/-40℉~+208℉
    Pressure accuracy: ±0.14 Bar
    Temperature accuracy: ±3℃
    Battery life: 5 year +
  • Display
    Operating frequency: 433.92MHz
    Operating voltage: 9~27V
    Operating temperature: -20℃~+70℃/-4℉~+158℉
  • Air pressure unit
    1 Bar = 14.5 Psi = 100K Pa = 1.02 Kgf/cm²

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Hi, Is this product also suitable for large 4wd's?

Hi, This product is not suitable for 4WD. For 4WD TPMS, we recommend Promata Tyre Pressure Monitoring System: External Sensor: Internal Sensor: Please contact them for more details!

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