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TP-05 TPMS compatible with In-dash Nav
TP-05 will be activated once the car is started or only when the tyre air leak is detected. Limited Stock.
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Key features and benefits
  • Compatible with in-dash NAV or DVD
  • Visual and audible warning for abnormal tire pressure and temperature
  • Check pressure by pressing the button to turn on TPMS during driving
  • Sensor with long life Tadiran battery
  • Stable wireless signal transmission
  • Program sensor easily with sensor partner (optional purchase)

Technical parameters

  • Working frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Working voltage: 2.0~3.6V
  • Working temperature: -40℃~+125℃/-40℉~+257℉
  • Humidity: 0%~100%
  • Temperature reading: ±1℃
  • Temperature alarm: 70
  • Pressure reading: ±1.5 PSI
  • Pressure range: 0~116PSI
  • Adjustable range: High: 41~65PSI;  Low: 23~41PSI
Control unit:
  • Working frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Working voltage: 12±3V
  • Working temperature: -20℃~+85℃
  • Sensor to display range: 3-5 m ( suits most 4 wheel cars)
  • Air pressure unit: 1 Bar = 14.5 Psi = 100K Pa = 1.02Kgf/cm²
Programming Sensors to the display:
NOTE: ALL TPMS kits & packages sold by us will be pre-programmed so the customer does NOT need to program the sensors. For Internal sensors though, when tyre rotation occurs, the customer will need to program the sensors to the display. There are two methods:

Method 1. Install the sensors, make sure the display is in programming mode (see manual), inflate/deflate the tyres a little according to instructions on the manual. The sensor should register the pressure change and send signals to the display. Save the sensor data on the display.

Method 2. Purchase an internal sensor partner (available on our website).
Make sure your sensors are installed & display is in programming mode. This device will prompt the sensors to send out the signals without having to inflate/deflate the tyre. Save the sensor data on the display.

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Are the internal sensors has replaceable batteries? How long is the battery life? Planning to purchase TP-05 will it have warranty?

Hi, The internal sensor batteries last for a minimum of five years. The product will alarm to tell you when the battery is running out, so you can keep using it if the system does not notify you; many users report 6 or 7 years of usage on average. All our products from Steelmate Australia will have standard 12 months warranty, and will cover product quality issue on our end. Hope this helps! Team Steelmate

Hi I was wondering if this is compatible with the sat nav Bose system for a 2008 Mazda 6 GH? Thanks Matt.

Hi Matt, TP-05 needs only AV input; so if your system has AV input, then it is compatible.

Hi is it possible to piggy bag the TP-05 with another TP-05 to use for a trailer

Hello Matt, thank you for your question. If your car+trailer has 6 wheels, we would suggest the model TP-V2 which can monitor both 4 and 6 wheels; if you have 8 wheels, we would suggest pairing up TP-05 and TPMS8886, TPMS8886 transmits signals via bluetooth and can be monitored using your phone. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us via

Hi do you do a five sensor set (1 for the spare) and do these sensors allow for wheel rotations?

Hi Nich, You can purchase an extra internal sensor for your spare wheel. Yes, the wheels can be rotated, and re-pair the sensor to the ECU by either using our sensor partner or by just deflating the tyre. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Julia Carmate Electronics Pty Ltd 2801/225 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Email:

I have just purchased a 2014 Toyota Landcruiser, Sahara. Will your TP-05 TPMS work with the factory fitted in dash navigation system. If so can it be upgraded to include an additional 4 wheels on my caravan. Cheers.... Murray

Hi Murray, If it has an AV input , it should work. I have a customer in Budgewoi NSW who installed it on a Toyota RAV4 three years ago and still work perfectly. Unfortunately, it can not be upgraded to include caravan. We are developing a 6 wheel external system for caravan, expecting to be launched in Sep. I can send you the user manual later, so you will know it is quite easy to get it installed. If you need the photos of that in RAV4, Pls also let me know. Julia Song Carmate Electronics Pty Ltd 2801/225 Miller Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Email:

is an extra internal sensor available for the spare tyre that could be activated if the wheels were rotated

Yes. Follow the pair steps if you need to rotate the tyres. Steelmate AU&NZ

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