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Steelmate external TPMS has the smallest and lightest sensors in the world. It is very easy to install. The new DIY TPMS--TP-70 won the 2012 Automechanika Innovation Award in Germany.

External TPMS

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TP-90: A stylish TPMS for your motorcycle
AUD 179.00
A stylish TPMS for motorcyclists to mount securely on the...
SKU: TP-90
Steelmate DIY TPMS TP-71P
AUD 199.00
A smartly designed DIY TPMS for passenger vehicles, with...
DIY TPMS compatible with Sat-Nav TP-05E
AUD 249.00
TP-05E can be connected into any LCD screen (DVD/Sat-Nav)...
NEW TP-81E Steelmate Truck Sensor with External Sensors
AUD 699.00
Super easy installation and pairing, no matter how many...
Steelmate DIY TPMS TP-70
AUD 199.00
Award-winning tire pressure monitoring system from Steelmate,...
SKU: TP-70
TP-V2 with Repeater | 6 Wheel External TPMS for 4-wheel Vehicle/+Trailer
AUD 399.00
Easily switch and monitor 4 or 6 tyres on your Steelmate...

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