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Steelmate has been producing parking sensor since 1996. We are the largest parking sensor manufacturer in the world, we provide OE service to vehicle manufacturers and produce aftermarket parking sensors for our customers.
Our system includes front sensor, rear sensor, front & rear kit,  wireless parking sensor and parking sensor + reverse camera system to cater for different customer's need.

As there are different bumpers types and shapes: stright, slope; plastic or metal bumpers etc. Please check accessory section for more details.
Our parking sensors also cater for vehicles have tow-bars or a spare-wheels at the back, or bull-bars at the front.They also have voice/or beep and/or visual displays, which can inform the location of the obstacle, but also the location of the faulty sensors if any of them are damaged. Our 14D-13 sensor is a new aftermarket, factory looking sensors which can be used by car dealers.

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PTSF410M7 Voice Warning and LED M7 display - Front Parking Assist System
AUD 149.00
PTSF410M7-F front parking sensor with voice alert and 2...
AUD 129.00
LED Rear Parking Sensor and Voice warning
SKU: PTS410M20
Steelmate PTS400M8 Rear Parking sensor with M8 display
AUD 119.00
Parking sensor with LED display and buzzer, now you can...
 PTS400W1-COM: Wireless PTS for limo/ cars/Vans/buses/Trucks, Voice warning
AUD 149.00
New 4 sensor Voice, wireless parking sensor, 12-24V compatible,...
NEW PTS410EX Rear Parking Sensor with Buzzer
AUD 99.00
Rear Parking Sensor with Buzzer warning.
Sensor types
AUD 19.90
An ultrasonic sensor with changeable angled bezels, can...
SKU: 14D-12

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