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SAT-Nav TPMS System on Sale!
TP-05TP-05E special price: $199

Motorcycle TPMS TP-90 now only $99!

Perfect treat for oneself & perfect gift for family


The significant advantages of having a TPMS installed:
  • Fuel savings 
  • Extended tire life 
  • Decreased downtime and maintenance
  • Improved safety
  • Environmental efficiency
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Featured Products
NEW PTS410EX Rear Parking Sensor with Buzzer
AUD 99.00
Rear Parking Sensor with Buzzer warning.
Steelmate Car Alarm Charger - Mini USB
AUD 15.00
Steelmate 5V Car Alarm Charger Mini USB charging port -...
SKU: Chargerflat
TP-90: A stylish TPMS for your motorcycle
AUD 99.00
A stylish TPMS for motorcyclists to mount securely on the...
SKU: TP-90
2-Way Motorcycle Alarm with  two Stylish LCD Remotes
AUD 279.00
Motorcycle alarm system with Two stylish two-way LCD remotes...
SKU: 886X
NEW 2-Way Motorcycle Alarm System 886XO for 9-16V Motorcycles
AUD 229.00
Steelmate Motorcycle 2-Way Alarm System with a one-way and...
SKU: 886XO
DIY TPMS compatible with Sat-Nav TP-05E
AUD 199.00
TP-05E can be connected into any LCD screen (DVD/Sat-Nav)...
TPMS For 4WD/SUV/Vans/Minibuses
AUD 249.00
OEM branded Product without packaging available at a discounted...
SKU: TP-77
Steelmate Car Alarm Charger 5V - Round Tip
AUD 15.00
Rount tip Steelmate Car Alarm Charger 5V.
SKU: Roundcharger
TP-05 TPMS compatible with In-dash Nav
AUD 199.00
TP-05 will be activated once the car is started or only...
SKU: TP-05
3.1A Universal Car Phone Charger
AUD 29.90
Convenient 3-in-1 Car Phone Charger for fast in-car charging,...
SKU: PC-01
Steelmate Motorcycle TPMS TP-91I Internal Sensors
AUD 140.00
The Steelmate TP-91I motorcycle tyre pressure monitoring...
PROMATA Secure Phone Mount | Best Phone Holder PH-01
AUD 29.99
The only phone holder you need for your car - no more stickers,...
SKU: PH-01
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